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The Schools of Tomorrow partnership takes the traditional approach to construction projects once step further to cover the design, building, financing and maintenance of school facilities for the next 30 years. Such all-encompassing initiatives are commonly referred to as "DBFM" projects. Click here to find out more.

Our guidelines for each individual school project:

  • Create an inspiring and motivational learning environment
  • Incorporate sustainable, eco-friendly features in the design and construction process
  • Maximise site potential for the community by providing for short- and long-term changes of use and function
  • Build modular, flexible buildings and classrooms
  • Build highly accessible schools that are both family- and community-friendly
  • Incorporate all the modern comforts (in terms of thermal environment/acoustic performance/indoor air quality)

Size and scope of the programme

  • 165 new build and/or renovation projects for more 200 school buildings
  • 625,000 m² of buildings
  • +/- 300,000 m² of landscaping